Mysterious Kurzeme

The natural and cultural-historical heritage of Kurzeme is as beautiful as the long woolen skirts of the Suiti wives and rich as the natural diversity of the Līvi-inhabited Baltic Sea coast. There will be something to see and enjoy in every...

Welcome to Kukšu manor house!

The grandeur of the ancient Latvian historic and cultural heritage is back.  Come over and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the old manor house. The time has stopped its pace here for you to feel the spirit of many centuries. Gorgeous carpets, sparkling chandeliers, antique furniture, paintings, frescos and magnificent window decorations show you into the unique world of Kukšu manor house. Each room of the house has its own story to tell about the former owners and dwellers and of the changing tastes of past centuries. The aura of the old manor house will surround you in the comfortable guest rooms. We will be glad to

Ancient Kuldīga

During this Tour we will see and have:Unusual and mysterious mansions in Kurzeme
Exciting tour of ancient old Town of Kuldiga
Friendly photo session with Kurzeme ostriches
Delicious dinner at a truly Latvian Restaurant
Exciting and unusual home trip

Kuldiga Old Town

The historic centre of Kuldiga is a remarkably well-preserved and wonderful reminder of the timing of the rise and trade of the Duchy of Kurzeme-Zemgale in the late 16 th century, the 17 th and 18 th centuries, when the city was known as Goldingen.

Kuldiga was the main residence and administrative centre of Gothard Ketler, the first king of Courland, since the founding of the Duchy in 1561. Kuldiga maintained an important role in the administration of the Duchy, which ruled this important part of the Baltic from 1561 to 1795.


We will also visit the ostriches and goats. Kurzeme, who were born here, grow and enjoy visitors. Here we'll have a brilliant photo session


On the Tour end we will have excellent dinner in famous Kurzeme's restaurant